cover Theodora Philcox, Still Life in Oils: An insight into the artist's creative process.  (Kristine Diehl has two still lifes featured in this book.)

Art technique

cover Harold Speed, The Practice and Science of Drawing.
cover Harold Speed, Oil Painting and Techniques.
cover Arthur Wesley Dow, Composition.


cover Dr. Paul Richer, Artistic Anatomy.
cover Eliot Goldfinger, Human Anatomy for Artists : The Elements of Form .

Artist Biography

cover Marie Bashkirtseff, I Am the Most Interesting Book of All : The Diary of Marie Bashkirtseff (Vol 1).

Art History

cover Peter Trippi, J. W. Waterhouse.
cover Anthony Hobson, J. W. Waterhouse.
cover Fronia E. Wissman, Bouguereau.
cover Christopher Newall, The Art of Lord Leighton.
cover Russell Ash, Sir Edward Burne-Jones.
cover William Morris & Edward Burne-Jones, Ornamentation and Illustrations from the Kelmscott Chaucer.
cover Timothy Hilton, The Pre-Raphaelites.
cover Gabriel Weisberg, Overcoming All Obstacles: The Women of the Academie Julian.
cover Gabriel Weisberg, Against the Modern: Dagnan-Bouveret and the Transformation of the Academic Tradition.